In the “Newsroom” portion of SEAACA’s website, articles and information relevant to animal control and SEAACA will be posted periodically providing information for the community.

One section of the Newsroom will contain “Frequently Ask Questions”. The questions are commonly asked in person at the Care Center, in the field, on emails and by telephone. The FAQs will provide an understanding of SEAACA’s daily operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pets2Love: Hailey

Meet this week’s Pet2love: Hailey!

She is a playful, 5-month-old tan-and-white German Shepherd mix. She is lively and sweet and looking for a loving family.

Remember, Hailey is just a puppy so she’ll need a lot of attention and training.

To adopt Hailey, call (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 19-24889.

Watch on KCAL - CBS Los Angeles.

Pets2Love: Rhino

To adopt Rhino, call (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 19-08845.

Pets2Love: Amber

Amber is a 4-month-old female black and white spaniel mix.

She is a bubbly girl looking for a new, loving home.

Amber is available for adoption at the SEAACA. To adopt, please call (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 19-09027.