The two species of tree squirrels encountered in Los Angeles area are the California Gray Squirrel and the Fox Squirrel. The California Gray is about 22 inches in length with a large bushy tail edged with white. The coat can run from a "salt and pepper" to a silvery gray above to white below. They weigh between 1.5-2 pounds and lack any stripes, spotting, or flecking common to ground squirrels. Gray Squirrels eat primarily acorns and supplement their diet with pine and other nuts, mushrooms, tender twigs and shoots, and grain.

Fox Squirrels are the largest of North American Squirrels and can grow to 29 inches in total length, have a somewhat square head, bushy tail, and weigh 3 pounds. They usually have a light brown coat and a reddish or orange underside. Fox Squirrels are generalist feeders and their diet is dependent upon the area which they are found. They feed heavily on nuts, flowers, seeds, animal feed, mushrooms, tree buds, cultivated crops, and bird eggs. Fox Squirrels are classic scatter hoarders. They carry nuts in their jaws and bury them in various locations within their home ranges.

Tree squirrels are active during the day and seen in trees, running on utility lines, and foraging on the ground. They do not hibernate and are active year-round. Fox squirrels can become some what aggressive and antagonise dogs and cats. Do not handle or feed squirrels as they are wild animals and may bite.


Practice good sanitation and maintenance: Don't leave companion animal's food out in open, close all garbage cans, cut branches away from home, repair all holes leading to attic.