The Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) is an Equal Opportunity Employer who recognizes our employees are our greatest asset. We offer a comprehensive benefits package which includes medical, dental, vision, retirement, and life insurance plans.

Some of the career opportunities within our organization are:

Field Services | Front Office | Veterinary Division | Care Center Operations (Kennel) | Licensing

Field Services:
Our field division consists of Animal Control Officers (ACOs), Senior ACOs, and a Corporal (Field Services Supervisor). Our officers respond to service requests ranging from animals reported running loose to allegations of animal cruelty and neglect.

Front Office:
Our front office consists of Clerks, Radio Dispatchers, and an Office Supervisor. The office staff is responsible for greeting the public, as well as processing, and finalizing adoptions of shelter animals. They receive calls for service from the public and forward those calls to the Field Officers to ensure timely responses to citizens' problems or questions.

Veterinary Division:
Our veterinary division consists of Animal Health Technicians, Registered Veterinary Technician Clinic Supervisor, and a Licensed Veterinarian. The veterinary staff is responsible for spay and neuter surgeries of all adopted shelter animals, monitoring and maintaining the health of the shelter animals, and operating our low cost vaccination clinic.

Care Center Operations (Kennel):
Our kennel staff consists of Animal Care Technicians (ACTs), a Sr. ACT, and a Faculty Supervisor. They are responsible for the day to day care of our shelter animals; providing food, water, and compassion for each animal within our facility.

Our Licensing division consists of clerks and license canvassers. They are responsible for enforcing animals licensing requirements within our cities.

Current Openings:

All positions listed are for employment at our Downey, California facility. All applicants must be 18 years of age or older. No phone calls; please apply as directed in each listing.


Under the direct supervision of the Front Office Supervisor and Senior Dispatch/Clerk; receives requests for animal control services over the telephone; relays service request to field officers by two-way and network radio. Assists with monitoring Field Officer activity and deployment; status of Field Officers in the field; greets and provides customer service request at the Animal Care Center; process pet adoptions, animal complaints and records requests and a variety of other clerical and record keeping duties.


  • Answers telephones, taking information regarding requests for animal control services from citizens and government agencies.
  • Enter, update and retrieve service requests/impound records and/or information via computer.
  • Operate various equipment such as telephone, two-way radio, computer and telecommunications equipment
  • Prioritize calls for service and relays service requests and information to Field and Senior Officers.
  • Interprets level of service needed through information obtained from field officers or citizens and if required, relays pertinent information to the Field Division.
  • Informs Field Division of field conditions/calls in progress.
  • Informs Supervisor/Senior of any emergency situation.
  • Provides agency and general information over the counter and on the telephone. Gives written information and instruction to public at front counter.
  • Processes pet adoptions, records and service requests.
  • Processes monetary transactions for animal adoptions, redemptions and other services.
  • Performs animal license records verifications to locate owners of animals with identification.
  • Prepares logs, reports and records as directed.
  • Maintains files necessary for dispatch as assigned.
  • Perform filing and record-keeping duties.
  • Other duties as assigned.


    A seasonal employee reoccurring annually in a part time, temporary position under the direct supervision of the Manager, Licensing and Revenue. A part time License Canvasser walks in residential and business districts enforcing animal license ordinances; collecting money for license fee payments and issuing receipts to animal owners; verifying current rabies vaccinations and sterilization of dogs in the field; and reconciling and balancing daily collections. Animal License Canvassers may also issue official notices. Successful candidates must be able to walk long distances, handle large volumes of work and provide excellent customer service.


  • Canvassing residences and businesses enforcing animal license ordinances;
  • Driving a personal vehicle during the course of employment;
  • Verifying rabies vaccinations;
  • Collecting payment for licenses and issues receipts;
  • Maintaining records and preparing reports that could be used in court as legal evidence;
  • Disseminating public education materials to residents;
  • Observing and reporting suspicious activities involving animal related concerns, such as inhumane treatment, animal fighting, breeding activities, exotic animals, etc., to the appropriate department of the Agency; and assisting other departments as needed.
  • Assist and work at state mandated low cost clinics and/or SEAACA promotional events.
  • Performing other duties as assigned.