SEAACA debuts new cat enclosures

New Cat Portals

DOWNEY – The Southeast Area Control Authority (SEAACA) recently retrofitted feline enclosures with portal doors.

With the support of UC Davis’ Koret Shelter Medicine program and funding provided through the California for All Cats and Dogs Grant, the portal doors were successfully installed in one day.

A cat portal is a circular door and frame placed in the sidewall of the kennels. Portals transform single, traditional feline kennels into a multi-compartment “cat condos”. This enhancement provides a number of benefits to the cats housed in the kennels including but not limited to:

  • Providing additional space
  • Separation of spaces for eating/sleeping/defecating etc.
  • Reduces stress which lowers the likelihood of illness
  • Felines show better for adoption
  • Allows cleaning of the kennels without having to relocate cats

“Once learning about portal doors and their benefits, we made it a goal to incorporate them at SEAACA to enhance our Care Center’s traditional feline housing layout.” said SEAACA Executive Director, Denise Woodside. “We are so fortunate to have been gifted the portals and expertise to install them successfully and swiftly. I have been overwhelmed with joy to see that SEAACA’s team was so supportive and enthusiastic of this project.

“The next step is for the team to see the felines benefit from the retrofitting. Although the Care Center provides temporary housing, it is important to support and nurture felines’ natural instincts while they are in our care.”

The updates are supported by years of science and research from industry professions such as those from University of California, Davis. UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine is the leading veterinary school in the country. Additionally, the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program provides recommendations and resources based on research and science.

Dr. Denae Wagner DVM, MPVM from University of California, Davis is the developer engineer of the portal doors. Dr. Wagner and the UC Davis, Koret Shelter Medicine Program work tirelessly through the use of science to support animals, shelters and communities. For this project, Dr. Wagner personally drove down from Davis, California with the portals and installation equipment.

Dr. Denae Wagner said, “What a great day for SEAACA and their shelter cats. I am so glad to have been a part of making this happen. It never gets old for me to get out my tools, dive in and install portals into cat cage housing. Portals make such a world of difference for shelter cats. Housing with two compartments means they have a living side where their bed, food and water is and a bathroom side which cats much prefer. They stay healthier and happier which is something we all are striving for. Today’s install of portals was a team effort too. There was great support from the SEAACA team and BAB Construction. Nice work all.”

Residents interested in adopting a pet can visit SEAACA during animal browsing hours, which are Wednesday through Friday, 1-3 pm. Animals can also be viewed online at

Reposted from: The Downey Patriot