Looking for a Lost Pet?

SEAACA has a long standing commitment to reuniting lost animals with their owners and encouraging the public to visit our Animal Care Center to adopt a new member for their family.

To assist owners in locating their lost pets and to provide information to prospective adopters, SEAACA photographs pets as they enter our care center.

If you believe you have located your animal on our website, please give us a call so we can schedule an appointment. Providing vaccination history, photos, and documents will expedite the claim process during your appointment. Please have those items readily available.

    • Utilize websites such as lost.petcolove.org to look for your lost or share a found pet.
    • Alert your pet’s microchip provider that the animal is missing. Ensure all of the contact information is up to date and accurate.
    • If you have the found pet's microchip number, you can use tools such as AAHA Universal Microchip Lookup and Michelson Found Animals Registry to search for possible owner information
    • Utilize social media lost & found community groups often titled , “Lost and Found Pet of (city/county name)”. Additionally, post and view the information, photos and flyers of the lost/found animals within those groups.

Lost/Found Pet Resources:


Found Animal Sign