Like with all animals you are unfamiliar with, you should never approach a snake. If you happen to find a snake in your house do not approach or try to attack it. If the snake is on a floor type surface, simply place a heavy blanket over it. If you find the snake located in a drawer or cabinet keep it closed and keep away. In either scenario, you can contact SEAACA to remove the snake.

The best way to get rid of the snakes is to make sure your back yard is not Snake Heaven. Keep the clutter down. No piles of wood or leaves, nothing they can nest in or hide under. Keeping the grass mowed is helpful, so they don't get comfortable hanging out in it. Also, take care of any rodent or insect problems quickly. If the snakes are migrating to your yard, they've probably got a good reason. Teach children early to respect snakes and to leave them alone. Children are naturally curious and will pick up snakes. Most snakes are non-venomous, but here are some helpful tips if bitten by a venomous snake:

What to Do In The Case of a Venomous Snake Bite:

  • DO NOT PANIC - Immediately call 911, calm the victim – help him or her relax.
  • DO NOT apply a tourniquet or attempt to restrict blood flow.
  • DO NOT attempt to cut and suck the venom from the wound.
  • DO NOT drink alcohol as a painkiller
  • DO NOT drink caffeinated beverages
  • DO NOT expose the area of the bite to cold or apply an ice pack to it
  • DO NOT use anti-venom or allow a doctor to give you anti-venom without first being tested for allergic reactions. In some cases, anti-venom can cause as much or more damage than the snake venom.