SEAACA cares for more than 25,000 animals each year at the Animal Care Center in Downey. Our ability to provide extra animal care, adoption and education programming is enhanced by generous contributions from the public. Your monetary donations will support these activities and help us help the animals.

You can make a tax-deductible donation right now to SEAACA. Please fill out and submit the form below.

To make a gift by mail, send your check made out to SEAACA and mail it to 9777 Seaaca Street, Downey, CA 92041. To make a gift by phone call 562-803-3301 ext. 221.

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These items will be used directly for the animals at the SEAACA Animal Care Center in Downey, CA. SEAACA is committed to providing programs for the care of abandoned and unwanted pets; reuniting lost pets with their families; and matching new families with adoptable pets. Thank you for your support.

You can always donate your time with SEAACA. Become a volunteer and become a hero to the animals. You can fill out the online application here!

Volunteer Application

SEAACA protects its donors' privacy and would never sell or distribute in any way a donors' personal or contact information.

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Besides making a general donation, you can also make a donation for any of the specific items below by dropping off or mailing a check to SEAACA Animal Control (9777 SEAACA Street Downey, CA 90241). Indicate what program or item you wish to sponsor.

100% of all funds donated go directly to services for the animals and community, no overhead or administrative costs are applied.

  • Hematology Analyzer - $15,000 will provide the Care Center with a new piece of veterinary medical equipment. This will allow accurate, in-house, timely blood test results for animals at SEAACA providing them with exceptional care.
  • The Big Meow - for $65 you can PAY IT FORWARD to provide an altering surgery for one cat in the SEAACA service area. SEAACA’s BIG MEOW program has been in effect for more than three years which provides free altering to cat owners who have free roaming cats. The goal is to reduce the population of unwanted cats. SEAACA has seen a reduction in our impounded cats and kittens because of this program and humane education efforts.
  • Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services - of dogs. You can PAY IT FORWARD by purchasing a voucher for $100 to allow an owner as they claim their dog to have the dog altered. The surgery could positively impact the health and behavior of the pet which will keep it stay at home.
  • Adoptions - Sponsor a senior dog($75.00) or cat ($35.00). Some wise pets need a bit more of a spotlight on them so adopters can see the beauty of a mature pet.