Know Where Your Puppy Came From

Puppies born outside the United States may have diseases that are not found in the here. Therefore, it is important to know where a puppy is from before you buy.

Most of the puppies imported for resale are purebreds, sold online, and cost the same as dogs born here.

The most popular breeds coming from other countries are: Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, English and French Bulldogs.

Common Imported Puppy Issues

  • Younger than the date of birth stated on their documents making the rabies vaccination invalid
  • Selling dogs before being released from Federal Quarantine

Red Flags that your puppy may have been imported
Breeder or broker:

  • Does not allow you to visit the kennel or see the mother
  • Does everything done online

What should I do?

  • Adopt from your local shelter or a rescue group
  • Visit the location where the puppies are being raised
  • See the parents (or at least the mother) of the puppy
  • See the puppy you intend to purchase & pick-up at the location it is being raised
  • Take the puppy to your veterinarian for a full exam and to verify age and if vaccines are up to date
  • If you know the puppy is imported, tell your veterinarian
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