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Adopt-A-Pet August - September 2014

Join us for another edition of Adopt-A-Pet with the cities animal control agency, The SEAACA the South East Area Animal Control Authority located in Downey. If you see a pet you recognize on the program contact them to help reunite the pet with their owners.

Know Where Your Puppy Came From

Thinking About Getting a Puppy? Know Where Your Puppy Came From

‘Puppy mills’ have gone global. ‘Puppy mills’ are large-scale dog breeders and sellers that fail to ensure proper welfare and veterinary care of dogs under their care. In the past decade, the number of puppies imported to California has greatly increased—over 100 dogs arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) monthly. We have not had an imported dog with rabies since 2004. However, many puppies are arriving from countries where rabies is common in dogs.


SEAACA Provides Fun and Helpful Tips to Help You Adorn Your Pet in the Finest Costumes and Couture for the Holiday Season

From Halloween through New Year's Day, the fall and winter holidays provide ample excuses for everyone to dress up in their favorite costumes and attire, and the same holds true for beloved pets. In the fervor of the holidays, however, it can be easy for pet owners to put their animals in uncomfortable or unsafe outfits, sometimes for the sake of a great picture opportunity. For these situations, SEAACA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority; has created a list of tips to help pet owners dress up their loved ones in eye-catching garments while still looking out for the animal's welfare.