My name is Buddy and I am a Golden Retriever. I am owned by a very special lady. She came to SEAACA because she wanted to add a member to her family. She looked long and hard to find just the right dog who would be a good companion. She adopted me from SEAACA and I got to go home with her.

We take walks and play with my toys every day. She feeds me good healthy dog food and I have plenty of water all the time. SEAACA made sure I have a license and a micro-chip, so if I ever get lost I can find my way home. My owner takes me to the veterinarian for regular check-ups.

Her parents have two other Golden Retrievers who also came from SEAACA. My owner and I visit them on the weekends and I get to play with my friends.

The most important gift that both my owner and I got at SEAACA is each other. We are best friends.

There are so many dogs like me, cats and other animals at SEAACA just waiting for someone to adopt them and take them home. There are big ones, small ones, young ones and older ones-all waiting for someone like you.

So, here are a few of my animal friends—"Buddy's Pets of the Week". Also, click on the Petfinder tab and see other animals that could join your family.

Thanks for helping my friends on their way to forever homes!!!!!!